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Mechway offers a full turnkey service following the specifications supplied by the customer

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Mechway offers a full turnkey service following the specifications supplied by the customer. Whether the cabin is be used as a Kitchen, Office, Workshop, Stores, Laundry, Sleeping quarters, Showers/lavatory, or break room.


Full Offer

You supply our team with your specification and we in return, offer you a Price, layout and build time as well as arranging the shipping to anywhere in world.

Each unit is supplied complete, ready to use. We class these units as “plug and Play”. You simply connect electricity, water and/or foul water services and the unit is ready to use.
Cabin with stairs


Our units are perfect for use by: Construction companies, Mining, Military, Survey teams, Emergency shelters, Oil & Gas companies, or remote stations/short term camps.


You can choose from a simple build which includes, lighting, electrical feeds, cupboards, and worktops, through to full kit out which may include cookers, washing machines, shower units and bunk beds for example. You state what you wish to be installed and that is what will be delivered to site.


The cabins are either a bespoke build or a shipping container conversion. The benefit of our cabins is that they can be easily transported by truck, ship or air freighted to remote parts of the world

Spare parts

We provide excellent customer service including a supply chain of spare parts when and if required.

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Our website highlights our core business; however, we are open to discuss special requests and projects. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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