Auto Spares and Salvage Ltd

A Brand-new warehouse and office had been built at their VRAC accredited facility following the companies strong growth. Auto Spares and Salvage had run out of space, with many high value parts being documented daily, a simple racking solution wouldn’t cut it. So Mechway worked with the owners and discussed various solutions, settling on a Rack Supported Mezzanine.

Following the immense investment, the company had already put into the new building, and the timeframe in which they wanted to become operational, a new Rack Supported Mezzanine wouldn’t be an option. So, Mechway were tasked with finding a good quality used system.

Rack Supported Mezzanines are not very common, let alone finding one that fitted perfectly within their new building. But Mechway used their knowledge and contacts within the industry to find a solution.

What We Installed

A lovely two-tier Rack Supported Mezzanine C/W Goods Gate and Steel Staircase was found, measured, and negotiated on behalf of the customer. The system fitted perfectly within the footprint of the building and the customer agreed to proceed.

Mechway arranged the transportation, installation team and plant for the installation of the system and was completed on time and within a budget. 

TROAX Anti Collapse Mesh

The owners of Auto Spares and Salvage went on to invest further with Mechway by requesting the installation of the TROAX Anti-Collapse Mesh System (with Mechway being an official TROAX supplier) at a preferential rate.

In all. The customer found exactly what they were looking for working with Mechway.