Dust And Fire Suppression

What We Do: Raincanon develop and manufacture specialised cannons for dust suppression, firefighting wildfires, turf maintenance, crowd cooling, odour control and suppressing air pollution. 

With 15 years experience and equipment shipped globally, you can count on Raincanon to meet your companies needs 24/7.

The Raincanon team are continually working on specialised equipment for niche markets or with clients requiring bespoke applications and functionality, so if you have a bespoke requirement, or you don’t see your sector listed below, send us an email and we will be happy to work with you on a solution. 

Mechway are the Head Office of Raincanon in the United Kingdom.

Dust suppression system waste management

Waste Management

Dust suppression cannon


Dust suppression cannon


Dust suppression cannon

Steel Plants

Dust suppression cannon

Wildfire Fighting

Dust suppression cannon

Grass and Turf

Dust suppression cannon

Coal Yards

Low Preasure Water Mist

Our solutions are designed to help businesses and organisations reduce dust emissions, protect against wildfires and maintain lush, healthy turf. We are committed to “Doing it with water” and all our solutions are based on using water in a most efficient and sustainable way.

Our dust suppression systems use a low-pressure water mist to capture and suppress dust particles, our wildfire defence solutions include building protection, and our turf maintenance solutions are designed to keep your turf looking lush and healthy all year round.

Our Raincanons can also be used for crowd cooling at festivals, events and exhibitions. 

Our cannons can be a fixing installation at ground level or elevated on poles, skid mounted or trailer mounted for quick dispatch. Each cannon can be supplied with its own generating power or installed using the sites services.

Fire Fighting equipment

Foam Trolley
Water Monitor
DF1900 web
Attack 500 Pro (3)
valve 3 web

Reputable Fire Fighting equipment is important to any facility looking to be re-active to an emergency at a moments notice.

Designed and manufactured in the UK and with a warehouse of emergency equipment and tooling available for dispatch “next day”, Mechway can meet the needs of companies looking to update, install or reinstate emergency fire fighting equipment.

From foam monitors, lances, branches, standpipe, hoses, fans and couplings. We can offer off the shelve purchasing, or a design and installation service to bring a new or existing facility up to date, in preparation for any emergency.

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