Alloy Wheel Cleaner – Concentrated.

Acid free.

Bites into brake dust and road dirt.

A special blend of cleaning agents for the removal of baked on brake dust & general wheel grime.

Ideal for Alloy Wheels.

Dilution – 1 /10 dilution ratio. (Makes 50ltrs of Alloy Clean.)

Important Information

Shake well before use, apply to the wheel and brush or agitate as necessary. Allow several minutes to activate and rinse with clean water. Do Not Allow to Dry.

Caution: Causes skin burns and eye damage, Keep out of reach of children, Do not get on clothing, if on skin or in eyes, rinse thoroughly, Harmful if swallowed, Maybe corrosive on other metals,

UN1719 Caustic Alkali Liquid, N.O.S (Contains Sodium Hydroxide)

Mechway are proud to offer their professional range of hi-quality automotive cleaning products under the brand MechKleen.

Manufactured, bottled and labelled in East Anglia, our branded cleaning products are used by businesses and organisations that want quality products to “do their job” properly.