Tire Dressing – Paraffin Free

Paraffin free.

silicone based.

medium grade solvent.

A solvent based treatment for the renovation of all rubber surfaces. This product restores tyres, mud flaps, rubber mats etc to an as new appearance.

Directions for use: apply with a clean cloth or brush, wipe off and allow to dry.

Important Information

Danger: Maybe fatal if swallowed and enters airways, Keep out of reach of children, if swallowed, seek immediate medical care, Do Not induce vomiting, If on skin, wash with soap and water., Repeat exposure to skin may induce dryness or cracking.

Mechway are proud to offer their professional range of hi-quality automotive cleaning products under the brand MechKleen.

Manufactured, bottled and labelled in East Anglia, our branded cleaning products are used by businesses and organisations that want quality products to “do their job” properly.