Screen Wash -26 Degrees

Glycerine Free,

Can be used neat as a De-icer,

Biodegradable product

Dilution rate for washer bottle – 1 part water to 20 parts de-icer.

De-icer use: Pour or spray undiluted onto the affected area.


Important Information

Caution: Flammable agent and vapour, causes eye irritation, May cause drowsiness or dizziness, keep away from heat, sparks or naked flames, No smoking, do not get on clothing, use in a well ventilated area, Do Not Ingest UN1993 Flammable Liquid N.O.S (Contains Isopropyl Alcohol)

Do Not Allow undiluted product to dry onto paintwork.

Mechway are proud to offer their professional range of hi-quality automotive cleaning products under the brand MechKleen.

Manufactured, bottled and labelled in East Anglia, our branded cleaning products are used by businesses and organisations that want quality products to “do their job” properly.