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We stock the most common types of PPE from gloves, masks and sanitister. Free delivery on order over £100. 

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Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl Gloves are one of the most popular disposable gloves in the market. They are a great value and durable alternative to Latex, which is a known allergen and can cause users to suffer mild skin irritation. Our Vinyl has medical grade certification which allows them to be used for patient handling and non-invasive medical procedures. The powder-free and seamless design offers fantastic comfort and dexterity for its users and they are resistant to most household chemicals.

Manufactured to European type II standards
Surgical face mask

Surgical Face Mask

Manufactured to European type II standards, these Surgical Face Masks have been carefully designed for effective protection against the risk of spread of infection. The fully certified masks have a three-ply construction that has been tested to a bacterial infiltration efficiency of 98% and features an integrated nose clip and elasticated ear loops for a comfortable and secure fit. Sold as a pack of 50, these face masks have been made to the very highest standards providing real confidence and reassurance to the user.

32 – 42. 5

Infrared Thermometers

“Avoid touch skin, convenient measures temperature, and no risk for cross infection”
Digital head thermometer manual

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